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Buses from Valencia Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Manises or Valencia Airport is located only 5 miles/8 km west of Valencia city center and has a connection to the capital Madrid via the A-3 motorway and along the coast via the A-7 motorway to Barcelona.

Buses from Valencia Airport include the Metrobus service, which takes around 45 minutes to reach Valencia city center (operator Fernanbus, line 150). Valencia Airport buses also include the faster Aerobus shuttle which covers the distance in just 20 minutes albeit with fewer intermittent stops.

Line 150 also halts at Mislata, Quart de Poblet and Manises and the service is available daily throughout the year. A one-way ticket for an adult costs just EUR 1.40 with concessions for the over 65's, who pay merely EUR 1.00 for the journey. As a child-friendly country, Spain makes concessions to families and here a “general” large family will pay EUR 1.10 for the ticket, while a “specially” large family will only pay EUR 0.70 for the ticket.

Buses from Valencia Airport operate in fare zone B and passengers can purchase their tickets from the driver on the bus. With a Valencia Tourist Card the journey from the airport to the city center is free, as long as the card is validated upon boarding the bus.

The service starts from outside the passenger terminal at 5.25 am and runs every 15 minutes throughout the day until 11.10 pm between Mondays and Fridays. On Saturdays Valencia Airport buses operated by Metrobus run every 20 minutes, starting at 5.20 am and ending at 11.10 pm. The Sunday and public holiday service from Manises Airport runs also every 20 minutes and starts at 6.25 am, ending at 11.10 pm.

From Valencia city center the Metrobus starts at 5.45 am and runs at 15 minute intervals until 11.50 pm from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays the service runs at 20 minute intervals from 5.20 am to 11.50 pm and on Sundays and on public holidays the service also runs every 20 minutes, starting at 6.25 am and finishing at 11.45 pm. For further information passengers should ring the Metrobus helpline on +34 961 500 082 or +34 963 160 707.

From the airport the Aerobus shuttle heads for the Avenida del Cid, opposite the local police station, then to Calle Bailen, Calle Angel Guimera, which is next to Calle Juan Llorens, then back to Avenida del Cid and Airport Departures.

Valencia Airport buses operated by line 150 leave from Airport Departures for Mislata, Quart de Polet, Manises and back to the airport. The stops covered in Valencia are at the Central Bus Terminal in Av. Menendez Pidal, at Gran Via Fernando el Catolico, Calle Cuenca and Avenida del Cid. The Central Bus Station in the Av. Menendez Pidal 13 is also the transportation hub for buses and coaches covering the rest of the Valencia region and Spain.

In Mislata service 150 stops at the Calle Valencia, Calle San Antonio and the Military Hospital. In Quart de Poblet passengers can alight at the Avenida Reina de Valencia, Mislata Town Hall, the Calle Trafalgar, Calle Esteban Bilbao and Calle Bilbao. Line 150 also covers many stops in Manises, such as Calle Valencia, C. Ibañez, Calle Ribarroja, Calle Ferrandiz Luna, Calle Alfonso Blat, Calle Angel Nadal and Calle Jativa.

The city of Valencia is covered by 52 bus routes in addition to underground and over-land metro trains and trams. Within the city there are several bus lines that are of particular interest to tourists, since these buses cover the most important attractions in Valencia city center.

Bus lines 1 (purple), 4 (pale blue), 5 (pink), 7 (red), 19 (orange), 32 (yellow), 35 (blue), 62 (brown) and 95 (green) cover city centre destinations like the main bus terminal Estació d'Autobusos – la Malva Rosa (line 1), the interior (line 5), Mislata to Fta. de Sant Lluis (line 7) and Estació Nord to Colón (line 62) among others. A tourist bus map is available at the official airport website www.aena-aeropuertos.es, which is operated by the Spanish Airport Authority.

The city center buses cover important sites like the Museo de Historia de Valencia, the Palacio de Congresos, L'Oceanogràfic in the Ciudad de Las Artes Y Las Ciencias and the Feria de Mues Tras Valencia as well as the many beautiful historic monuments and churches, palaces and parks Valencia has to offer.